We love to share some of our most memorable weddings with you!

Ray and Kim | DJ B- man

Congratulations To The Griffis's!

What an honor it was to be able to provide all the entertainment for their wedding day. DJ B-Man was on the turntables and you can see what happened! Contact us today @ to book your 2018 Wedding!

DJ: B-Man

Film: Headgraphix


Kristen & Will | DJ Paradime

One of the most beautiful weddings that we were able to be take part in. Handling everything from the ceremony to amazing reception. Entire wedding was outside of the most beautiful farm in Turkey, NC. Nothing short of amazing.

DJ: DJ Paradime

Film By: East West Films


The Ching's | DJ Diesel 

Congratulations to The Ching's!

We love being knowledgeable and culturally aware of all of our couples, being able to provide the soundtrack to provide for everyone is what we take pride in.

The Ching's told us they wanted a mix of American top 40 and hip-hop with some international music mixed in, that's exactly what we did for them!

Thank you for allowing DJ Diesel to provide the entertainment for your wedding day. Contact us today @ (919)371-2675

DJ: DJ Diesel


Courtney & Calvin | DJ Paradime

Amazing love story taken place in the heart of downtown Raleigh, watch as Calvin and Courtney share there love for one another through their own stories as well as celebrating with the ones that love them most.

Film By East West Films


The Caldwell's | DJ Paradime

Ashley and Anthony met in college at NC A&T University and wanted to create the party vibe they had in college as well as keeping there older family and guests involved, we were do delighted they choose us to handle their wedding entertainment. We not only helped with did their party we also helped plan the music she wanted for her choreographed dance segment as well as planning introductions for the special entrances. Check out their amazing wedding!

DJ: DJ Paradime

Film: OakCity Films



The Torain's | DJ Lil' Vegas

Congratulations to The Torain's!

Having our company provide all the entertainment for their wedding was such a honor. Thank you for allowing DJ Lil' Vegas and B-Daht to perform at their highest level and bringing the party all the way up! 

DJ: DJ Lil Vegas

Film: Headgraphix



The Wood's Wedding

Beautiful wedding at Noah's Event Space with Mr and Mrs Woods, the turn up was real at this one with family from all over, so you know the music had to be diverse! Playing lots of reggae and Spanish music and definitely a lot of New York Hip Hop! 

DJ: DJ Paradime

Film: Corey.Lamar


The Patel's 

We nicknamed Rohan and Alianna's wedding the "Boathouse Wedding"  we were thrilled Rohan and Alianna picked Cool Receptions to handle their wedding, proving everything from start to finish.  Alianna definitely wanted to hear reggaeton and Rohan definitely wanted to hear bollywood and everything in between, so hat's what we did! Oh yeah, we can't forget how much fun the family had with Fred in the photo booth!

DJ: DJ B-Man